The Bungalows drop their supercharged new album SOMETHING’S GOING ON

SOMETHING’S GOING ON is a fitting name for The Bungalows’ latest album. That something is a little bit of ska, fused with great guitar riffage, shouty, insistent vocals and a solid beat set on a backdrop of blue-wave and indie rock.

The sprawling, jangly album melds years of studio experience with ideas from a handful of mates; making for a skilfully crafted yet playful romp. It’s very cool.

SOMETHING’S GOING ON is a supercharged romp through blue-wave and indie rock; serving wicked riffs, and catchy melodies.

Consisting of brothers Grant (vocals/guitar) and Matthew Gannon (bass), longtime school friend Matt Cuneo (guitar), and good mate Joey Winkler (drums), the band had help from a handful of friends in binging SOMETHING’S GOING ON together, which they say influenced the sound of the record. One such friend was studio wiz Oliver Marlan who plays in the band Australia. The Bungalows also enlisted fellow Rolodex studio owner Wade Keighran who’s played with them before, and had a hand in cutting their last album Monkey Mountain Road with Burke Reid.

It’s been a while since the Bungalows have played live, but they’ve got a spate of gigs planned, the first of which is June 1st at Aquiva Surf Festival in Tasmania where they will be joining cult heroes Goons of Doom.

Until then, you can stream SOMETHING’S GOING ON below.