PREMIERE: Part III of Trevor Hall’s The Fruitful Darkness is everything you want it to be

It’s always great to see when an artist takes a creative direction in  releasing their music. We’ve seen some pretty incredible ones over the years, from interactive 3D music videos to entire albums being  released as an app.

The simple and yet engaging act of releasing music in multiple parts, as somewhat of a narrative, a story to be told and an unravelling experience, gets me every time. California based musician Trevor Hall has done just that.

His latest release The Fruitful Darkness has been coming out in bits and pieces and we are now up to Part III. The five track record is a sweet mix of glitchy, light handed electronic production and spoken word, with threads of brooding melody throughout.

trevor hall emory hall the fruitful darkness
Photo: Emory Hall

Trevor Hall is artfully combining indie pop, drops of folk and twinges of dark electronica to come up with a record which is truly unique.

Uplifting and inspiring, The Fruitful Darkness feels like a story of personal development, reflecting on the growth and decision making which takes us into new stages of life. A blend of the romantic and the philosophical, this is a record which is as relatable as it is personal.

I love the light, subtle droplets of choral voices in track four Karma, and the sweet reggae undertones of A Reminder, it’s like a shadowy Sticky Fingers.

While he might not be from Australia, Hall’s slow coastal attitude rings through. There’s something about the laid back similarity between the West Coast of the US and the golden shores of Australia which makes Californian music so easy to take in.

Trevor Hall is pretty active on the live scene in his hometown. If you find yourself US side, find his tour dates here.