PREMIERE: You may want to take a seat before watching WAWAWOW’s new clip

I first saw WAWAWOW live at the Marlborough Hotel about a year ago, and honestly, at first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. But rest assured, by the end of the set I was completely mesmerised.

This is a quality the band wear proudly on their collective sleeve – “people are forced to actively listen or leave the room,” they say.

WAWAOW’s music is like an explosion of strange colour and manic laughter. On their new video for Sabre The Toothtiger, the four-piece step the insanity up a notch to create a truly bat-shit insane visual experience. I’m pretty sure I almost had a seizure watching this.

With blood-curdling, manic vocals and furious instrumentation, WAWAWOW’s new video for Sabre The Toothtiger will melt your brain.

The track lent itself to a bit of visual insanity, and we’ve never been fussed about story or lyrical content,” they say of the video.

This clip sums up our last couple of years of gigging and writing, the frustrations and elations of creative collaboration, and some obligatory stock NASA footage.”

You may want to take a breath and sit down before watching this, but believe me… it’s well worth your while.


If you dig what you’re hearing, you can catch WAWAWOW live at any of the following dates:

June 16th – Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst
July 6th – Vic On The Park, Marrickville