PREMIERE: Prepare yourselves, Zero Cool will make you cry without lifting a finger on Yo-Pro Dinner Party

We’ve made no secret of our love for the music coming out of New Zealand lately. For some inexplicable reason, only the tiniest fraction of what they have to offer makes it across the Tasman Sea, but trust us, there’s amazing things going on over there.

Yo-Pro Dinner Party, the new tune from Wellington based sad rock trio Zero Cool, is no exception. In fact, it’s something special.

Zero Cool yo-pro dinner party premiere

With crafty lyricism, dry wit and a healthy dose of cynical self-reflection, Yo-Pro Dinner Party from Zero Cool is slacker perfection.

Slinging verses about failed relationships, shameful hook-ups and a rapidly diminishing sense of self, it’s a window straight into the soul of Zero Cool.

Underpinned by a basic chord progression and minimal other instrumentation, it’s a song clearly constructed around the vocals. There’s a beauty in this simplicity though… sometimes you just have to tell your story and little else.

The lyricism here is outstanding, every single line being either a well-placed, emotional wrangler or a spot of hardy wordplay. It’s hilarious and heartbreaking all at once, not to mention completely attention grabbing.

But my favourite has to go to:

“It’s hard to fuck when you’re calling me Fergus
I know he’s great but my name’s not Fergus”

Yo-Pro Dinner Party is a triumph of sad boy rock, a song that will make you feel a thousand things in less than four minutes. I’ll be eagerly awaiting everything Zero Cool has coming up.


Zero Cool’s upcoming album will drop this November via Ball of Wax Records.