PREMIERE: ZERRIN drops delightfully weird clip Strange Wasteland

PREMIERE: Garbage never looked so gorgeous in Strange Wasteland, the new clip from ZERRIN

You know those clips where it’s so weird you want to look away but can’t? The new video from Sydney locals ZERRIN titled Strange Wasteland is just that.

Partially submerged in creative waste, paint, glitter and string, ZERRIN floats in a void of beautiful garbage, perfectly representing the song’s sentiment.

Strange Wasteland is a tale of a love so beautiful, yet fraught with such disfunction it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. It’s jazz infused and almost operatic. What better way to visually encapsulate this wonderland than with this video, being so incredibly captivating and way way larger than life.

ZERRIN are far from your run of the mill artists, pushing boundaries to explore different realms of sonic and visual possibility.

Beautifully produced with subtle hints at narrative, we flick between icky time lapses of our heroine immersed in colourful waste, her own quirky performance moving in time to the lyrics. It’s eclectic and somewhat overwhelming, but filled with so much colour and movement you can’t help but be totally besotted by the creativity.

Strange Wasteland perfectly captures the messy nature of love and romantic experience, of  finding yourself caught in a situation you know is so wrong but at the time feels so right. It’s almost more comfortable to lie there in the beautiful rubble than it is to walk away.

ZERRIN has artfully mastered the visual behind the emotions we find hard to capture.  If you’re looking for otherworldly cinematic narrative with a twist of the discomfort that confrontation provides, then Strange Wasteland is for you.


Catch ZERRIN live on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend with JonVal, Ruby Run and The Henry Fjords. Find the basics below, and head to the Facebook event for the finer details.

Fri June 9 – The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle – Sydney