PREMIERE: Excuse you! It’s time to learn exactly how to be polite with The Creatures of Yes

Forget The Muppets, Jacob Graham has smashed it wide open with the hilarious yet reflective The Creatures of Yes. The online puppet show features a slew of relatable and complicated characters, all engaging the audience in the crises of conversation, controversy and culture.

Drawing aesthetics from our favourite 1970s TV programs, it’s home brand at its best. All available on YouTube and their Facebook page, Creatures of Yes is contemporary content through a vintage lens and they’ve just dropped a new clip.

The Creatures of Yes

The show is wrapped in ironic representations of the questions our world now faces, pulled forward by comedic lunacy. With some charming technology, The Creatures of Yes is not pretending.

Their latest effort A Comedy of Manners takes on the musings of manners within every day conversation. Complimenting a friend on their new hair cut, someone gunning for gold on the most boring conversation ever and refusing to let up, and my personal favourite the “bless you” after a sneeze.

As someone with the weirdest and most mouse-like sneeze ever, I get heaps of attention when it comes around. So it’s nice to have people acknowledge how uncomfortable that experience is.

The Creatures of Yes is packed with unique characters, improvised dialogue and kitsch audience laughter. It’s weirder than I know how to describe, but also somewhat addictive and an unnervingly accurate representation of our social dilemmas. The show takes the edge off of social commentary, without taking itself too seriously and opening up really great conversation.

It would be like Mr Squiggle analysing Twitter and calling out trolls.

If you want some nostalgia for your Friday, head on over to their Facebook page and check out more.