PREMIERE: RVBY MY DEAR lights up a stifling creative void in her newest clip 10:17

Perth artist RVBY MY DEAR is now living in New York, but we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sing praises for one of our own.

After the release of single 10:17, she’s followed up with a video clip to match and it’s pretty damn stunning. Poetic and futuristic, RVBY MY DEAR has fused dance with art and her own soulful sound.

The track, inspired by the monotony of watching the lights in McCarran Park, Williamsburg switch off each night at the same exact time, is a cry out for meaning and purpose. The clip most definitely reflects this; you get an immense feeling of suffocation. Simple yet overwhelming dramatic, RVBY MY DEAR has managed to use her own creative block to produce a clip which is wholly inventive and encapsulating of a very personal experience in the most accessible way.

rvby my dear 10:17

Trapped by ebbing inspiration and repetition, 10:17 is a song of distraction and yearning for change, a creative rage struggling to be released.

While the lights are stunning, you almost forget the hero of the story seemingly struggling to be free of her beautiful cage. In fact, the intent behind her latest release is to draw her focus back to her artistic vision. After performing and recording as a band throughout 2016, front woman Gabbi Coenen is looking forward.

10:17 is an explosion of frustration, the flashing lights and emotional contemporary dance perfectly capturing the void Coenen found herself in, alone in that room in Brooklyn.

RVBY MY DEAR will be taking to stages in early June, staying local in Brooklyn on the 2nd of June and then again at Northside Festival on the 10th. With a record to come and this sweet taste of visuals from the US based performer, we are watching out for what blossoms from RVBY MY DEAR in the coming months.