Prepare for the Funkalypse with The Heard Eye’s debut album

From California’s North Bay area, Paul Schneider and Hannes De Kassian embarked on a new project, exploring the many realms of Jazz and Funk

In the summer of 2018, trumpeter and vocalist Schneider connected with guitarist De Kassian. Thus was the impetus for The Heard Eye, a project that was gaining live traction before the global shutdown of 2020.

With a rotating door of session musicians and a drummer in Europe, the pair crafted what would become their debut album, ‘Funkalypse.’

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The album was released last year, and has attracted myriad listeners who are clearly hungry for what The Heard Eye are putting down.

‘Funkalypse’ entered the national U.S. college radio charts in late April, climbing to #230 by May 8 with 73 stations across the U.S. and Canada incorporating it into their playlists, with many featuring it in heavy rotation.  The album has received a lot of positive recognition from music publications and online blogs.

The 11 track album is full of memorable and captivating moments, like the popular ‘Job Growth.’ Thick drums, arresting vocals and ruthless guitar tangle atop an organ synth and full bass.

‘Job Growth’ is dripping with energy and alight with nostalgia. So packed with groove that it feels like sinking into quicksand, ‘Job Growth’ keeps things fun while flexing the projects musical dexterity.

Tracks like ‘Boomerang’ lean even further into the brass driven, bass heavy funk vibes.

Layered vocals, percussive melodies and effortless dynamics make The Heard Eye sound like a cult favourite from the late 70s.

It’s hard to believe a track like this only came into the world a year ago.

‘Do Watchu Be’ is dance worthy. Tight and composed to the fullest by seasoned pros, this track is undoubtedly a highlight.

Smooth drums, hovering brass sections and staccato bass lay a bedrock for Schneider’s confident and well-rounded vocal to take center stage.

With an opening section that sounds like a funk version of The Offspring’s ‘Come Out And Play,’ ‘Bahia Amor’ is more of a theatrically seductive moment on the album.

It is so incredibly difficult to sit still while listening to this track.

Another highlight is ‘Say It With The Night,’ a Bee Gee’s inspired disco funk track that seems to capture exactly what The Heard Eye are all about.

Vaguely reminiscent of Spandau Ballet, this track is the perfect soundtrack for reflecting on love, either long lost or just beginning to bloom.

the heard eye

The Heard Eye have clearly struck a nerve with funk listeners, their album an exciting new start for a genre that will surely never die.

Listen to ‘Funkalypse’ in full below, check out their music online here, and keep your eyes peeled for their animated lyric video for ‘Boomerang’ coming this summer.