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Prepare to lose your mind! Never before heard demos of The Beatles singing the ‘wrong’ songs!

The Beatles continue to surprise and delight and today’s discovery is no exception people. John Harrison, Paul Starr, George Lennon & Ringo McCartney come together one last time for a set of impromptu demos and outtakes. If you’re anything like us, these demos are going to absolutely blow your mind.

the beatles demos

Prepare your brain sack for some Rick and Morty bullshit right here. How? When? Where? And why has it taken so long to get our hands on these?

In other Beatles news, one of Milling’s creations made especially for John Lennon, a skinny gray wool suit with narrow lapels, is up for auction at Nate D. Sanders Auctions, with a starting bid at $50,000.

The piece, which looks almost like a modern-day slim line creation, features two D.A. Millings & Sons labels, and has “John” written on the breast pocket as well as on the pants below the fly zipper, marked for easy costume changes between songs.

Millings specialized in non-traditional garments for the band’s performances, including round neck collar shirts and flat front trousers without side pockets.


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March 30, 2017