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Presonus Revelator io44: comprehensive connectivity in a pint-sized package

Presonus has a long-standing pedigree in full-sized audio interfaces. With the Revelator io44, all that expertise can fit in your pocket.

Presonus has always sought to provide an innovative twist on industry-standard audio gear. With the new Revelator io44, all the best traits of the company have been packed into one device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

At first glance, it looks like a robust piece of desktop gear, notable for its clean lines. The unassuming package, however, conceals a world of ingenious engineering within. Read on as we take it for a test drive.

Presonus Revelator io44

When you pick up the interface, it’s surprisingly weighty. It feels substantial and strong — this is partly due to its intended use on stage or in the DJ booth — as well as in the studio.

On the front edge lies a single combi-jack input for a microphone or instrument, a mini-jack headphone output and input (more on that later), and a stereo line input. On the back are two quarter-inch monitor outputs and the USB-C connection to your computer.

With this minimal amount of physical controls, the digital domain plays a significant role. You can download the free UC Surface app to gain full control of the Revelator io44’s inputs, outputs, routing, and effects.

Presonus Revelator io44 uc surface app

Loopback routing — cleverly allowing you to route audio from your computer to a DAW input — is available. This means you can record remote calls or interviews with broadcast quality, or use backing tracks from your computer as part of a livestreamed performance.

Speaking of streaming, the headphone output doubles as a headset input, meaning you can separately process and record your headset mic for higher quality streams.

And if tone is a priority, you can dial in one of the many presets available on the UC Control app, or customise your own EQ, compression, reverb, and more. The raw tone from XMAX-L preamp is clean and precise, so you’ll have a lot of fun pairing it with any microphone from your locker.

Though the Revelator io44 is small enough to fit in your pocket, its versatility (streamers, podcasters, DJs, and home studio enthusiasts will all find it useful) and ease of workflow, make it well worth a demo.

The Presonus Revelator io44 retails for $269 AUD. Visit the website for details.