Prince’s beloved dove Divinity has passed away at age 28

This is what it sounds like when doves cry. It is a sad day for Prince fans, as his beloved female dove Divinity has died, aged 28.

Fans worldwide are spreading their love and condolences following the death of the late Prince’s pet dove Divinity. The bird passed away this week in the singer’s estate in Paisley Park. Alan Seiffert, the executive director of Prince’s estate, claimed that Divinity passed due to old age. “She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans…she will be missed,” he told press.

Who knew that doves could live so long, we certainly didn’t! Upon further research, the average white dove only lives from about 10-15 years. Divinity indeed outlived her expectancy!

prince dove

Prince tragically died at the age of 57 after accidentally overdosing on fentanyl. Following his 2016 death, the singer’s estate became a museum for his many loving fans to come and visit. Divinity remained at Paisley Park and could be heard ‘cooing’ when the park opened to the public in October of 2016. Paisley Park became a means of connection for Prince’s fans as they could view his personal artefacts while wandering the grounds of the much-loved estate.

Prince was very connected to doves. His 1984 single When Doves Cry claimed his unique aesthetic and love for the birds. For many adoring fans, Divinity was one of the most special links to Prince. Being as old as she was, fans claim that her old age was not coincidental, confirming that the connection between the two was even more special.

Those who did not get the pleasure to hear the sweet ‘coos’ of Divinity at Paisley Park, do not worry. In 2017, the park released a new generation of white doves into the estate’s grounds following Prince’s passing. If you want the chance to see Prince’s wonderland yourself, the park resides in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Tickets can be bought online. 

R.I.P Divinity!