The Empire State Building now runs entirely on wind energy

Running fully on clean energy, New York’s iconic Empire State Building is what our sustainable, eco-friendly dreams are made of.

Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) – the company that owns the Empire State Building – has made a deal to renewably power the iconic building and the others in its portfolio.

Under a newly-signed contract with Green Mountain Energy, 100% of the building’s electricity (which comes out to around 55 million kWh) will all come from wind power. Yay!

empire-state-building (1)
Photo: 2019 Martin Tychtl

The move has been lauded by proponents of green energy. Considering the size of ESRT’s portfolio (10.1 million-square-foot), the change is the emissions equivalent of removing every single taxi that operates in New York City, for an entire year.

According to Electrk.com, buildings generate more than two-thirds of New York City’s carbon emissions. Considering this, ESRT’s decision to go 100% green energy is a massive step forward for renewables and sustainability efforts in the development sector.

Dana Robbins Schneider, director of energy at ESRT, said of the decision: “ESRT is the leader in sustainable operations with a viable example of how to scale carbon-neutral technologies, strategies, and policies to balance with an effective economic business case.”