Private Function’s golden shower: Melbourne Punk Band’s urine-themed album release

Looks like Melbourne punk rockers Private Function have found a new way to stick it to the man with their upcoming album ‘370HSSV 0773H’ – by selling a limited edition ‘Gold’ version filled with their own golden liquid. Talk about taking the piss!

Melbourne punk band Private Function have made an interesting and unexpected announcement about upcoming record.

Private Function’s new album 370HSSV 0773H first attracted media attention when the band revealed it would be illegal for it to be sold in South Australia. However, a March 26th Facebook post revealed something even stranger.“Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered the “Gold” version of our new record” the post read. “You just bought a liquid disc full of our piss”. It seems going to the bathroom is no longer a private function, the post including a video of band members emerging with containers of their own urine. Curious and strong-stomached fans can view the video here.

Private Function

These urine-filled disks aren’t the only thing fans should get excited about. The first 3000 vinyls will feature a less disturbing way for music lovers to win big. The album covers feature “scratch to play” covers, and one lucky winner will receive a signed test pressing of the album, $2999 in cash and the opportunity to have their their face printed on all future pressings.

The scratchable covers gained attention in February when it was revealed they couldn’t be sold in South Australia. The state’s legislation states that all scratch-and-win promotions require a permit. However, the significant media coverage prompted the liquor and gambling commissioner to grant the band a total exemption.

370HSSV 0773H
Credit: Private Function/Facebook

But scratch-and-win covers and urine-filled disks aren’t the only uncanny ideas Private Function has conjured up. In the lead up to their 2020 album Whose Line Is It Anyway, they announced a limited edition “mystery bags” vinyl. Limited to 50 copies, the vinyls came pressed with clear bags containing a suspicious white powder.

Subsequent social media posts hinted that the substance was speed, making statements like “These ones sold out in about five minutes and we couldn’t believe the SPEED at which they sold” and “remember those shirts we made that said ‘I Bought This Shirt So Private Function Could Have Money For SPEED and Booze?'”

The urine-filled vinyls, though, are certainly the craziest thing about the band’s upcoming release. The band appear proud of their efforts to create the “worlds first piss filled record” and thanked “local legends” Salty Dog Records for their assistance.

370HSSV 0773H is due to be released on March 31st and can be preordered here.