Protest to #killthebill: Find the rally to protect trans rights near you

Protests have been organised against Scott Morrison’s religious discrimination bill that very well may risk lives.

Scott Morrison has secured the support of the Coalition party for amendments to the government’s religious discrimination bill that only partially protect gay students and completely overlook trans students.

Liberal MP Bridget Archer told parliament that she is “horrified” and that the legislation “may risk lives”.

Bridget Archer. Credit: Tamara Penniket

After so much progress, how did we get back to a place where we ignore the harm we place on children when we tell them they are ‘other’, ‘less than’ and do not deserve rights and protections afforded to others? I fear it may risk lives,” Archer said.

Australia’s sweetheart Ian Thorne has referred to the bill as “state-sanctioned discrimination”.

Labour ministers and Aussie celebs are not the only ones who are trying to boycott the bill, with protests organised all around the country for the rest of the week.

It feels like something out of a dystopian novel but un-fucking-fortunately, this shit is reality.

Find out about the #killthebill protest near you:

Brisbane: Wednesday, February 9 – 6pm at King George Square

Canberra: Wednesday, February 9 – 5.30pm at Civic Bus Interchange

Perth: Saturday, February 12 – 12.30pm at Perth Cultural Centre

Melbourne: Wednesday, February 9 – 5pm at State Library of VIC

Sydney: Saturday, February 12 – 1pm at Town Hall

Adelaide: Friday, February 11 – 5pm at Beehive Corner