New PlayStation subscription, code name Spartacus, announcement!

Rumours around the new PlayStation subscription model, Spartacus, will be addressed this week, and we’re keen to see what it’s about!

The Xbox Game Pass has been a powerhouse over the last couple of years, and they constantly have a fantastic selection of games to choose from. PlayStation has seen this success and is using it as the inspiration for their new subscription service, code-named Spartacus.

Though there isn’t a specific date, rumours around Spartacus will be announced and clarified this week.

PS5 Games
Image: PlayStation 5 Games

Industry insider Greg Miller, in a tweet, mentioned that they’re going to be delaying the filming of their PlayStation podcast in anticipation of the announcement.

Writing, “Man, looking like it might be a VERY interesting week for PlayStation if even one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true. As such, we’re gonna delay recording PS I Love You XOXO until Thursday.

If Greg Miller is delaying content for a ‘rumoured’ announcement, you know something good will be coming!

Also, within the tweet, Greg Miller discusses the potential of two other rumours potentially being announced this week, and the internet is excited about the possibilities.

Discussion around Spartacus started at the end of last year with a Bloomberg piece, written by Jason Schreier, where documentation provided looked at a tiered subscription service concept and what it could look like.

It’s rumoured that Spartacus will look at combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Plus, being the service for online multiplayer with the addition of monthly free titles and discounts, whereas Now is the service that grants users access to an extensive library of old PlayStation titles.

We now wait to see what the rumoured marriage of these services will look like and if it will be able to complete with the current Xbox subscription model. Are you excited? Let us know.