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The PS5 controller works on Nintendo Switch, for some reason

An unintentional, unofficial collaboration between PlayStation and Nintendo has been revealed: the PS5 controller works on the Nintendo Switch.

Moments away from the release of the PlayStation 5, here’s a neat little piece of info about the new DualSense PS5 controller you probably didn’t know about.

It’s very unlikely that this was a deliberate act, but it seems to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch system. With the PS5 controllers shipping early, here’s what will and what won’t work with the DualSense.

The Nintendo Switch is able to detect the controller, and the inputs seem to work correctly on the menu, with each button press getting a response on the screen.

We sure don’t know why it works, but Nintendo Switch owners should rejoice. You will need to grab yourself an 8bitdo adapter if you want to copy the guy in the video below.

Upon this revelation, PlayStation fans have once again pointed to the fact that the new DualSense controller won’t work with your PS4. The mysteries of console/controller compatibility, it seems, are beyond us.

For the Aussies, the PS5 is coming to us on the 12th of November. Our US and UK friends will have to wait another week for their turn. All pre-orders can be found on the official PlayStation site.