Customise your PS5 with these Australian exclusive faceplates

This is just in: starting February, the PS5 will soon have exclusive custom console and controller faceplates for Australian players.

Adelaide-based retailer OzPlay is about to release some sweet new merch for PlayStation 5 owners. Quite early on we knew this console was going to be more customisable than ever, so expect some PS5 faceplates and coloured controllers to pop up everywhere in the near future.

Following the recent launch of the PS5 in November 2020, players are now able to further personalise their gaming experience by adding a new, colourful touch to the console as well as the controller.

custom ps5 addons

Faceplates for the new PS5 controllers are currently available for preorders at OzPlay for $19.99 Australian dollars. They will come in five different colours; red, yellow, blue, green, and grey.

Meanwhile the faceplates for the console itself are priced at a heftier $59.99. The options are slightly more limited, but still have the potential to dazzle with classic shades of red, blue, or black available.

Cheaper cutout decals – such as one that gives you that classic, coloured PlayStation logo – are also available for a $6.99 steal.

With over 20 different possible combinations, players will now be able to have fun mixing and matching the  various colours. If you’re the type of person who spends hours agonising over what your in-game character will look like, be prepared to invest another couple of hours into building your ideal PS5.

What’s more, OzPlay is an Australian company so you shouldn’t have to worry about your faceplates getting indefinitely delayed. Shipping will start from the 1st of February and is free for orders over $35.

The PS5’s new DualSense controller was a new breakthrough that brought PlayStation extra brownie points in the never-ending console war. It’s literal new technology, complete with new haptic vibrations and triggers that can facilitate variable tensions.

However, no matter how good the controller or console is, nothing really sparks immediate joy other than a newly personalised gaming setup.

Check out the full range right here.