30 new samples have been added to our free brewery sample pack!

Harness the beautiful sounds of beer with a free sample pack recorded at The Grifter Brewing Co. in Sydney. Now with 30 extra sounds!

Last week Happy Mag released the latest sample pack in our Sydney Sounds series. Recorded at The Grifter Brewing Co. in Marrickville by local musician Kat Harley (The Laurels, Prudence), it’s stacked with the sounds of tinnies opening, taps bubbling, and kegs being banged with a screwdriver.

Now, Kat has added a number of new sounds to the pack. If you downloaded it when it came out, enjoy this update. If you’re just hearing about it now, it’s time to give the Sydney Sounds sample pack a try!

beer sample pack the grifter brewing co. sydney sounds

Sydney Sounds is an ongoing collection of free sample packs for Ableton Live users. Curated by local artists and producers, Sydney Sounds aims to be the largest collection of audio representing the city and all its colourful noises.

So far, field recordings have been taken from a train station, a Timezone arcade, Reverse Garbage second-hand goods, and The Grifter Brewing Co., with more Sydney Sounds packs on the way.

Kat Harley’s new and improved sample pack now includes a second demo beat, a second drum rack, and four new ambient loops. Word of warning though, listening to all those beer-related clips is bound to make you thirsty.

Download the new and improved sample pack below, and find out more about Sydney Sounds here.