Psych-rock outfit Crosstown Killers release their debut EP ‘Volume 1’

After first jamming together just eight months ago, the boys from NSW’s Central Coast have released they first debut EP. Crosstown Killers have named these five-tracks Volume 1 and if this is anything to go by, we can’t wait for the series.

Crosstown Killers
Photo: Crosstown Killers via Facebook

Melding together a blues-rock fusion with all the twangy vibrancy of psychedelia, Crosstown Killers have brought forth a stunning debut EP titled Volume 1.

How Long is the leading single off the EP, setting the tone for the genre-defying, Western-facing theme. Jangly lackadaisical chords are brought to life with dusty and textural vocals. A five-note riff is drilled in with heavily strung strings, making for a hooky and toe-tapping track.

This infectiousness that started with How Long is not lost on Crosstown Killers. They’ve clearly got a knack for inclusively, with their songs often speaking outwardly to the omnipresent ‘you.’ Kiss and Run picks back up what the opening track put down, rolling with a cooing chorus that crowds will jump on board with from the first listen.

Slinky, meandering electric guitar over the twangy acoustic make Ghost a standout closing track and a solid nod to the blues. Crosstown Killers have stalked between The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s wiriness and Dope Lemon’s dreamy psychedelia.

Kane, who had originally penned a list of songs whilst working with another band, came together with Ben on the drums and hit the studio. With Ryan Hazell as producer, the five songs were smashed out in just two days.

“Chris and Riley came into the picture when I wanted to transform the tracks that were recorded into a live setting. Didn’t really know them that well either so it was real breath of fresh air jamming with new people,” Kane said of the quartet’s formation.

“Once the tour is wrapped up we’ll be looking at doing another 5-6 track EP,” they’ve teased. Watch this space.

Two shows in to their east coast tour, you can still catch Crosstown Killers live at the shows below.

Tour Dates

14 Feb – Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle
20 Feb – La La La’s, Wollongong
29 Feb – Frankie’s, Sydney