Psychedelic hip hop producer Ras G passes away aged 39

Ras G, a musician and producer who worked at the heart of LA’s beat scene, has died at age 39.

In addition to being the genius behind dozens of recordings and mix shows, Shorter was closely associated with Stones Throw Records and Brainfeeder Records.

Ras G was responsible for an immeasurable number of works and has made contributions everywhere, from hip-hop to experimental psych-rock.

Brainfeeder confirmed his death via social media, with no cause of death given. In December, Shorter revealed that he’d been struggling with health issues, including diabetes and pneumonia.

In addition to his vast discography – both solo and under the Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program banner – he collaborated on music with Flying Lotus and Thundercat.

Ras G became was made well-known for his immense ability to create cosmic atmospheres within his beats, which were well-loved by fans.

“My relationship with sci-fi is from a creational standpoint. My label is called Ghetto Sci-Fi Music, which is how I identify my studio and music-making methods. It’s Ghetto in terms of set-up/layout, but it’s a science to how it all works together and fiction to most who come from a more professional studio setting.”

After coming to prominence in the late-2000s, Ras G maintained a constant artistic pace, often releasing multiple albums per year. A tight-knit community of bass-obsessed experimental hip hop producers will miss Ras G and what he brought to the table throughout his career.

A statement released praised Ras G’s “exploratory & futuristic beat curation,” and added that his “influence + legacy will eternally carry throughout the fabric of our community.”

“Ras G has left the planet, far beyond the galaxy,” wrote Flying Lotus on Twitter. “Show us the way to the cosmos my friend. I will love you forever. Thank you for your time on earth.”