Biden warns Putin will pay a price for interfering in 2020 U.S. election

Joe Biden stated that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin will face serious consequences for attempting to swing the 2020 U.S presidential election to Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the Biden administration imposed new sanctions against Russia over the alleged interference in the 2020 election, which saw a cyberattack against the U.S. government. These comments from Biden come after a declassified intelligence report was released on Tuesday. 

The report outlined longstanding allegations that Putin was behind Moscow’s election interference by: misleading or unsubstantiated allegations” that were designed to discredit Joe Biden, and boost Trump’s re-election. The 15-page report was published on Tuesday afternoon by the U.S Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 

Joe Biden Putin
Image: Politico

The report found that Mr Putin authorised operations that would help favour Trump in the U.S presidential election. The report also revealed efforts from Iran to undermine confidence in the vote and harm Trump’s re-election prospects.

“Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took sweeping action against 16 entities and 16 individuals who attempted to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election at the direction of the leadership of the Russian Government,” the Treasury said in a statement.

“He will pay a price,”  Biden told America’s ABC News in an interview. When asked what the consequences would be, Biden replied, “you will see shortly.”  

In his interview, Biden did in fact express hopes of the U.S cooperating with Russia on issues such as arms control, stating that the U.S and Russia can “walk and chew gum” at the same time. 

There’s places where it’s in our mutual interest to work together,” he announced. 

The Russian government has denied all allegations, and despite threats, intelligence officials have found no indications of attempts to interfere in the 2020 U.S. elections. The report is the latest official document to come out which questions the integrity of last year’s presidential election. Trump supporters continue to make false claims of interference from ‘other powers’, refusing to accept Biden’s victory.