Radiohead open up a portal to their 1997 website, announcing an OK Computer remaster with 3 new tracks

Today in Radiohead land: the band are going into hyper-mode in the lead-up to the 20 year anniversary of Ok Computer, June 16 this year.

Yesterday they released a glitchy, cryptic video hinting at things to come and today, the news dropped. Ok Computer will get a 2017 remaster complete with B-sides, new tracks and a website straight out of ’97.

20 years on, Ok Computer is still going strong. To prep for their album’s anniversary, Radiohead have announced a remaster including 3 new tracks.

Cop a blast from the past with Radiohead’s ‘updated’ website here. When you enter, you’ll be prompted with a caption “This is the Radiohead website [from about 1997]”.

Upon further digging, you’ll obtain the juicy details regarding the new release. The remaster, seemingly titled OKNOTOK, will be shipped from July. Check out the details below, courtesy of some Twitter users who were much faster than myself.

Unfortunately, the remaster won’t contain Thom Yorke’s recent cover of Gasolina, which you can suss out below.

Via The Guardian.