Radiohead launch a new company, new album not far behind

Radiohead have given fans the idea that they are on the cusp of releasing a new album after launching a new company.

New Company

Fans recently discovered that Thom York and his fellow band mates had established a new company, called Dawn Chorus LLP in October last year, which seems to have been set up as a holding company surrounding their upcoming LP release.

This is not a first for the band either, after setting up similar companies ahead of their last two album releases. In July 2007, they founded Xurbia Endless Ltd ahead of In Rainbows’ release in October 2007, similarly forming Ticket Tape Ltd in December 2010 before The King of Limbs was released in February 2011.

Consequence of Sound have reported that Dawn Chorus was mentioned by York in a 2009 interview as a new single that he was working on.

Radiohead recently recorded a single, titled Spectre, for the 2015 James Bond movie, which was ultimately rejected, instead becoming a free track Radiohead would share.