Rage Against The Machine raise $3 million for charity

Rage Against The Machine raise $3 million for charity combatting ticket scalpers

Rage Against the Machine have once again raged against the machine by raising $3 million for charity.

In an effort to tackle ticket scalpers, Rage have worked out a method in order to benefit local charities.

Rage Against the Machine have raised in excess of $3 million for local charities around the world in order to battle ticket scalping.

Through holding back a total of 10% of the available tickets at concerts, then pricing them at a higher price, RATM have worked out a way in which to take a lead in the battle against ticket scalpers. They outlined the basis of their method in a social media post last week, “We’re holding in reserve 10% of the seating (random seats throughout each venue) to sell at a higher ticket price (but low enough to undercut the scalpers). We will donate 100% OF THE MONEY over the base ticket price to charities and activist organisations IN EACH CITY.”

Some of the tickets are selling for an astounding $1000+. Guitarist Tom Morello responded to a fans question on the obscene ticket pricing, “100% of money above base price on each ticket goes to charities in that city. Charity price fluctuates to counter scalping. When we have final numbers will list charities. Over $3m raised for charity in first 48 hrs.” Morello went on to say, “So far we stopped approx 85% of the scalping market but I agree that ANY scalping is horrible and we will continue to combat it.”

RATM have added numerous extra tour dates to make up for demand. It is a little confounding how the cost of an average ticket does go against so much of RATM’s politics. However, if capitalism is bad, then why do we pay the amounts we do to see the bands we love?

This will remain a conundrum for another day. No matter the price, these concerts will inevitably be well worth the wait.

Have a look at Tom Morello’s post below: