'Rainbow 6 Mobile' breaches the competitive gaming space!

‘Rainbow 6 Mobile’ breaches the competitive gaming space!

With a dedicated community, the announcement of Rainbow 6 Mobile is sure to be the competitive mobile game that makes a splash!

Rainbow 6 Siege launched back in 2015 and, like other Ubisoft titles, has seen incredible success in the gaming scene with over 80 million players worldwide; particular in esports.

That worldwide count is likely to increase significantly as they broaden their horizons and accessibility with the launch of Rainbow 6 Mobile. Play R6 Mobile anywhere, anytime with people from around the globe.

Rainbow 6 Mobile environment
Image: Rainbow 6 Mobile / Ubisoft

So that R6 Mobile can easily be played on the bus to work or an extended bathroom break, it has been made simpler but not so much that it moves away from its core. Play the 5v5 game type, Attackers vs Defenders, with the best of three determining the winners.

On top of Attackers vs Defenders, R6 Mobile will launch with several game modes, like Bomb and Secure the Area, and many classic maps like Border and Bank.

Rainbow 6 Mobile gameplay
Image: Rainbow 6 Mobile / Ubisoft

Like Rainbow 6 Siege, R6 Mobile is all about close-quarter combat and teamwork. You don’t want an enemy sneaking up on you in the halls, and a tight-knit siege squad is vital to watch your back and lock in the win!

Though it isn’t confirmed, the assumed ping and connectivity for Australian and New Zealand players should be significantly better than other mobile titles. This is because Rainbow Six Siege has a data centre located on the East coast of Australia, whereas other games typically have data centres that attempt to cover all of Asia.

Rainbow 6 Siege servers
Image: Rainbow 6 Siege servers / Ubisoft

For those who haven’t played a competitive mobile shooter, then the transition might be a little jarring, but R6 Mobile has got you covered. For those exploring the genre for the first time, a comprehensive tutorial mode allows people to learn the ropes quickly.

Not only that, but the HUD is entirely customizable to allow for it to fit your style but also your grip too. Tiny hands are an issue no more!

Rainbow 6 Mobile HUD
Image: Rainbow 6 Mobile HUD / Ubisoft

The release date for Rainbow 6 Mobile isn’t locked in, but it is scheduled for 2022.