Reags makes ‘Sense’ of the songs created on his sonic hip-hop album

In a sweltering, sensical masterpiece, Reags unpacks his new album Senses, delving into what lies beyond the surface.

Diving headfirst into what drives Reags, the artist opens up into his world of conceptual hip hop and the emotional forces behind the album.

The Melbourne-based producer and songwriter mixed all 14 tracks, with the aim to combine our emotions with music and painting a vivid reflection of modern life.


What Are You Saying?

This was one of the first songs I made for the album. I wrote this when I felt unsure about what I was hearing both in music and in the news. When someone else’s and your views don’t align. When either side won’t budge.


Fracking and power being handed into the hands of the already powerful. I reflect on the doubt that arises within me, always, but I’ll always feel gold. It’s a constant battle.

Get It Done

I wrote this to remind myself to just do it myself. There’s really nothing stopping me from doing so. I wanted to really rap on this and get it done.


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First of the ‘senses’ theme that I feature over the album. I split the song in two, first half shines light on not being able to “hear”, or feel the fear. The second half reflects being “here” for your loved one, your partner.


See focuses my thoughts on the lack of sight that’s portrayed not only within society but also the government. Use your eyes instead of utilising off lives. For the production side of things, I love composing with strings, they’re all over the album. I made this in my favourite time signature, 6/8. Love the different pulse.


Sixth song, sixth sense. Insight. I feel like I have a lot of insight in life. I see it, then see it again. Manifestation. Another one I used 6/8. Featuring some more strings, I wanted this to be somewhat sparse and basic letting the words say the most.


One of the singles I put forth to promote the album. Loving the scent of your lover, companion, partner. It was the first time I recorded acoustic guitar for the album. I switched up and reversed all the guitar tracks for the second half and tried to darken the mood of the song.


Feel wasn’t meant to reflect any of the senses in particular. I make the beats before I write in most cases, so once I wrote to this dance, bop beat I had to call it Feel. It gave a good feeling. The hook “What I would do, just to feel something real” was written in the perspective that everything is artificial. The deeper we get into technology, the further we extract ourselves from this reality. As simple as someone being on their phone in a supermarket and ignoring who is serving them. I feel that.

The plucky short melody that played throughout the song, made me call this Touch. It’s about being touched by your partner, but also about my music touching other people. When I say “I grow beneath the dark” on the hook, I mean that I haven’t got a big audience at the moment, grinding and working hard, behind the scenes. My sister Madz shot this film clip, out on YouTube.

More Love

My favourite song that I have made. Hits close to home, a dedication to love and family. There is so much hate and violent atrocities happening in the world all the time, so we always need more love.


This, if I’m not mistaken, was the first beat I made for the album. The hook came to me pretty quickly and from there, the rest of the song followed. Fate breaks down my destiny, treating everything in my life, like I’m on the right path. Right where I’m meant to be. From my love life, to my music.


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Blow with the Wind

A bit of a tongue and cheek take. Referring to people who go wherever the wind blows. Showing no real moral stance, or backbone. Some West Coast influence on the production, I tried to make the drums and bass carry the track.

Really Care

Really Care is me looking out, seeing the current state of the world and all its flaws. “Myself I’m torn and don’t know where to face now”, on the hook, refers to the split in my morals or beliefs. A peaceful man becoming hateful due outside influence of the world. I split this song in half, and let the outro become a catchy attention-grabbing part of the track.


One of my favourites off the album. Rust is the line between love and hate found within me. On the hook I say “once the foundation can rust, it’s not too much till it breaks, better hold on till it’s gone, cause it’s no longer the same.”, which is referring to love fading. Once it does, hated and anger will befall. I shot this song with JP Visuals in Melbourne CBD and its out on YouTube.

Have a listen to Reags’ 14 track album Senses below: