Rhyece O’Neill and James McCann interview each other

For the past number of years, Rhyece O’Neill has traversed the country, taking his brutal, speedy brand of bluesy punk-rock all across the country. Alongside his band The Narodniks, O’Neill has put out a string of albums and singles, each incorporating sounds that have been developed over a lifetime of musical experience.

Likewise, James McCann has a storied past in Australia’s music community. A founding member of The Drones, McCann has spent decades touring and performing in a catalogue of influential Aussie bands – a career that was built off his obsession with the rock n’ roll music that filtered into his Western Australian childhood.

So before the two artists share a stage at The Drunken Poet this Friday, we asked the pair to get together and have a chat.

Ahead of their show together this Friday at The Drunken Poet, we asked Rheyce O’Neill and James McCann to interview one another. Here are the results.

Across the interview’s near-one-hour duration, O’Neill and McCann chat about their first interactions with punk music, their range of influences, Catholic schools, and going insane in the music industry. Honestly, I could listen to these guys chat all day.

From spinning Lime Spiders records to smoking pot at school, the interview is full of anecdotes and stories, each adding to the pair’s respective musical stories.

Listen to the interview above.

Catch James McCann and Rhyece O’Neill live at The Drunken Poet in West Melbourne this Friday, April 5th. More info here. You can also catch Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks at Nighthawks Collingwood on May 2nd.

Listen to O’Neill’s new album with Hannah Jane here.