Watch Rick and Morty sell out for the PS5

Watch Rick and Morty collect a big fat paycheck by shilling for the PlayStation 5 and all its glorious features, complete with an expletive-filled endorsement from the former.

With the Smith-Sanchez family not exactly having a source of income (beekeeping doesn’t count, Jerry) sufficient to sustain its multiverse-hopping adventures, it appears that the grandfather-grandson duo of Rick and Morty from the show of the same name – both voiced by series creator Justin Roiland – use commercial sponsorships to keep the family afloat.

Following some Old Spice and Death Stranding Rick and Morty content, the latest sponsor is none other than Sony with the PS5, which is so hyped that someone made a simulator for those who weren’t able to get one. The ad features a money-counting Rick feed Sony marketing points to Morty before giving an expletive-filled endorsement of Sony’s latest console.

rick and morty season 4
Image: Adult Swim

In 30 seconds, Morty is forced to shill the points regarding the PS5’s speed and the DualSense controller, namely the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features in the latter. When Morty promotes the DualSense, he steps in front of the PS5 causing Rick to tell him to step out from blocking the money shot.

One wonders what Sony told Rick to tell Morty, considering that features such as 8K and raytracing support and the PS5’s price weren’t mentioned (AU$749 for the standard console, AU$599 for the Digital Edition).

Another question to be raised is Sony’s tax records if they are dealing in cash with Rick, though that may be a contract stipulation from the mad scientist himself to easily exchange for an entire afternoon at Blips and Chitz.

Besides the PS5, Rick and Morty have also sold out for Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Old Spice, and even Hideo Kojima’s extremely hard-to-define Death Stranding. Season 5 of Rick and Morty appears to be ahead of schedule and should be coming out soon.