Missed out on the PS5? Not to worry, there’s a simulator

Alex Grade has created the PS5 Simulator to give fans the chance to set up their very own PS5 as realistically as possible.

If you want one of those shiny next-gen consoles but don’t have one, the PS5 Simulator is for you.

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, many fans have been desperate to get their hands on the new toys and see what all the fuss is about. With PS5 Simulator, you get to live the dream of getting your hands on the newest PlayStation, no JB Hi-Fi server crashes included.

PS5 Sim screenshot

It was indie developer Alex Grade who decided to make a simulator for all the fans who missed out on the PS5. After developing ΛRDEiN.ΛRiSE, Alex was also disappointed to miss out on the newest PlayStation console, and took a humorous response to the drawing board.

This psychics-based downloadable game for Windows is perfect for gamers waiting to get their hands on the new gear. With “top-notch realistic graphics” paired with the “worst cable management included – just like in real life, this “non-AAA” game is sure to be very helpful.

Carry out mundane tasks like collecting your PS5 delivery and opening up the box, getting snacks while you wait for the system to load, and trying not to break the console before you can play a game!

PS5 Simulator has already hit 73,000 views and 14,000 downloads today, and that’s still increasing. If you missed out on the actual PS5 console, or just think the game sounds fun, don’t miss out.

Learn more about PS5 Simulator here.