Meet RJM Music Overture: a 100% analog signal 6-in-1 overdrive

With its 100% analog signal path, the RJM Music Overture has blended a desire for sophisticated control with simplicity.

RJM Music has made its name as developers of some of the most used MIDI-controlled foot-switching technology used in touring.

Now, they’ve incorporated their rocket-science level finesse and blended that with a selection of classic and modern overdrive tones to create the Overture, capable of delivering timeless sounds between footsteps.

RJM Overture

It features six modes: clean boost, classic, boutique, versatile, smooth, and crunch. It’s versatile enough to provide a clean boost, to push the front end gain stage of your tube amp, a MOSFET type tone, or go all out with the hard-clipping crunch mode.

With up to 8 user-programmable presets, and up to 100 when connected to an external device. The Overture can be easily set up with MIDI controllers, and expressions pedals, this connectivity can even allow you to control parameters on the fly.

Other notable features of the Overture include a separate 12 dB boost in the front end of the overdrive circuit, USB-C connectivity to allow function between tablets and phones, all in a pedalboard-friendly size.

More details and specs are available at RJM Music. Check out the vid below to see an early one in action.