Vocal Bender by Waves is perfect for real-time pitch shifting

A new plugin for real-time voice manipulation, Waves Vocal Bender, a one-way ticket straight to the popular sounds of hip-hop, pop, R&B and EDM. 

Equipped with two simple pitch and formant dials, designed with zero latency for studio recording and live performance, Vocal Bender works in real-time to achieve creative and contorted sounds. 

Waves, is a plugin giant and has been a long time creator of processors for every stage of the mix process. It’s an accessible interface that allows artists and producers to get their ideas down quickly to generate hit-sounding vocals in seconds. 

Waves, Vocal Bender

Waves say, “Vocal Bender is the fastest and simplest way to getting “that sound.”…..Travis Scott’s deep-voiced ad-libs, Billie Eilish’s other-worldly vocal doubles, Frank Ocean’s pitch, The high-pitched vocal topline in every EDM drop.”

But don’t be mistaken, this monophonic voice manipulator is far from just a one-trick pony, defying the paradigms of a traditional vocoder. 

In addition to its main pitch and formant interface, the plugin offers a Flatten feature locking in a single pitch for more robotic sounds. The vocal bender’s trunk also functions with four extra modulators, including LFO and sequencing. 

From vocals fluctuating between age and gender, grand or miniature, to the ability to achieve greater subtleties for soft harmonies, vibrato and vocal doubling, the vocal bender enables sonic exploration that adds extra groove and flair to your next masterpiece. 

For more information head to Waves.