Robert Downey Jr is set to publish his first book

Our favourite leading man Robert Downey Junior has just signed a book deal with Blackstone Publishing for his first non-fiction book.

Rober Downey Jr is leading the way toward good choices. Teaming up with bestselling environmental author Thomas Kostigen, Downey Jr is set to write a new book titled ‘Cool Food: Erasing Your Carbon Footprint One Bite at a Time’.

With his new book, Cool Food, Downey aims to share his insights, and demystify any uncertainty around wellness in general, by outlining specific, practical, and approachable food choices that have the well-being of both your body and the planet at the forefront. If it’s not good for the planet, it’s probably not good for your body. The two are inextricably linked but are not always on the general consumer’s mind when it comes to making food decisions. Downey intends to change that, by shining a light on what you can do, to keep both in mind when making choices. 

Robert Downey Junior book
Credit: Chris Unger

Downey Jr. and Kostigen will inform via personal experience, and take readers through the journeys they took in order to learn more about the food we consume on a daily basis, where it comes from, and what impact it has on the planet.

From remote regions of the globe to a table at your favourite restaurant, this book is setting out to be both informative and instructive, with the aim to change things, starting with one person at a time. If we can all make smarter, more well-informed choices, we can make a difference on a global scale.

This subject is nothing new for Downey Jr, who became an advocate for climate change after learning about nutrition in preparation for his most loved role, Iron Man. Downey Jr went on to launch The Footprint Coalition in 2020, an organization dedicated to reducing carbon footprints with the aid of nanotechnology, and robotics to clean up the planet. Sounding more than just a bit like his beloved character Iron Man, Downey announced ‘Between robotics and nanotechnology we could probably clean up the planet significantly, if not entirely, within a decade.’ 

Commenting on the upcoming book, Downey, Jr. said, “Our best global food future requires no hand-wringing, fad diets, or radical shame — just a perspective shift to discovering the many solutions in plain sight… With Kostigen in the cockpit and Blackstone’s formidable ground control, it should be an actionable adventure. Join us.”

To keep up with anything and everything Downey Jr,  The Footprint Coalition is well worth a look.