Sydney pop-punk band SoSo unleash ‘The Festival Song’ ahead of tour

Sydney pop-punkers, SoSo have released their thrilling new single, The Festival Song ahead of East Coast NSW tour.

A follow-up to their highly-praised debut EP, I Wouldn’t Call This Success…but It’s Close Enough, Sydney’s self-dubbed “offensively average” pop-punk group, SoSo are back with a thrilling and undeniably-anthemic single, The Festival Song.

Fuelled by lightning guitars, roaring vocals, booming drums and an all-too-addictive hook, this vibrant, supersonic tune flawlessly embodies the dizzying peaks and troughs of the ultimate Aussie music festival experience.

SoSo band
Credit: SoSo Instagram.

Discussing the inspiration behind The Festival Song, SoSo frontman, Rhys de Burgh says, “years ago, I went to ‘Groovin’ the Moo’ with a big group of mates and got absolutely sideways. I paired up with my mate and we went MIA from the group, stumbling around, dancing to random bands, copping missed phone calls. On the bus ride home, we taped our heads together and declared that ‘two heads are better than one’. It was just peak festival mischief.”

He continues, “We had to call the song ‘The Festival Song’ because, well, I remember listening to Pez &  360’s classic tune of the same name when I was younger and thinking ‘that’s how festivals and summer are meant to be’. So we’ve tried to capture that same summer vibe for the next  generation of festival heads.”

SoSo triple j
Credit: SoSo Instagram

Hitting us with the infectious hook right from the very start, Rhys’ vibrant, dynamic vocals set an energetic tone that carries through the track with unstoppable force. Paired with fierce and spirited instrumentalism from the collective, this endlessly-playable tune showcases the perfect fusion of classic pop-punk energy with the riotous spirit of Aussie youth.

Blending the sonic influences of prominent pop-punk acts like blink-182 and Stand Atlantic with their own signature twist, SoSo has created a fresh new party anthem that’s perfect for all of us to get absolutely plastered to.

So, if you’re looking to get hyped up for your next big festival, or you just want to reminisce about boozed-up antics from the past, we highly recommend giving The Festival Song a spin.

Check out SoSo’s upcoming tour dates below:

April 23 – The Factory Floor, Sydney
May 7 – Ryan’s Hotel, Thirroul
May 13 – Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle
May 27 – Live At The Polo, Canberra