PREMIERE: Sticky, sensual and spacey, Robots with Rayguns triumph on their new LP Slow Jams

Out of Phoenix Arizona comes the solo project of Lucas Patrick Smith, Robots with Rayguns. The soul-infused electronica of his fifth album Slow Jams is infectious and sensual, living up to its title in every sense. A mixture of sticky synth beats and glimmering vocals, this is a triumph of a record.

Each song brings forth a new, glitchy space landscape. A beautiful blend of pure instrumental and vocal features, Slow Jams showcases the extent of Smith’s ability without stretching his sound beyond the record’s thematics.

Robots with Rayguns’ latest record is exciting and original, however the artist has been very clear he still intends on delivering that sweet, intoxicating groove.

Dream Shore’s vocals on the cover of Careless Whisper has taken George Michael to new levels for me. It’s stripped back and has a sickly sweet adolescent spin on it, turning the original into something wholly different.

Standout tracks include Illuminate (featuring Destenee) and Sexual Tension, seeming to embody exactly what this record is, a sparkling and oddball take on electro soul.

With deep swaying beats and the occasional vocal feature, Smith has taken Robots with Rayguns and created a bold and sensual sonic landscape. Standing at fifteen tracks, Slow Jams is hardly a short release, but with so many avenues to go down and such a bright, eclectic mix of features it’s no wonder the album is full to bursting.

The album is available on the 15th of September and while Robots with Rayguns doesn’t have any shows lined up, be sure to keep an eye on the socials because this is surely a gig you don’t want to miss should you be State-side.