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Meet Rocksmith+: a subscription-based video game for learning guitar

Ubisoft has just announced Rocksmith+. It’s a subscription-based version of the classic Rocksmith video game, an interactive platform for learning guitar and bass.

There are many ways to learn an instrument, but few provide the motivation and interactivity of Rocksmith. As part of this year’s E3 conference, Ubisoft has announced an update to the much-loved game, which encompasses a subscription-based payment model: Rocksmith+.

The rollout will begin with PC, then console, and will eventually hit mobile too. And just like the classic Rocksmith, it’s all about learning guitar by playing your favourite tunes.


The setup is a proverbial piece of cake. Simply plug in your guitar or bass using a quarter-inch jack to USB cable so your computer can read the signal. The gameplay will be familiar to guitarists of all levels who have encountered tablature before (a system of notation that presents string and fret numbers).

New to Rocksmith+, however, is the ability to play along with your acoustic guitar. You’ll need to go via the Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app, which makes use of your phone’s microphone and Bluetooth to connect to your PC or console.

If you’re keen to jump in, you can register for the PC closed beta, which will be running until July 22.

For all the details, head over to Ubisoft.