The 10 best indie PC games for $5 or less

Strapped for cash but want to play something new? Here’s 10 fantastic indie PC games that are weird, wonderful, and cheaper than $5.

PC titles, and even a bunch of contemporary indie PC games, are known for their cutting-edge graphics, quick load screens, and high framerates. A platform that’s been free from the hardware constraints faced by consoles, PC has become the go-to unit for the hardcore enthusiast looking to get the most immersive experience.

But there’s another side to PC gaming. A side that’s far wackier, and wants to push the boundaries of what a game even is.

Below is a list of indie PC games that stand out from the crowd, offering something a little different in lieu of eye-wateringly realistic graphics. Not to mention, they’re all under $5.

indie pc games bizzariowaree
Image: Bizzarioware


Bizzarioware is a collection of psychedelic PC games designed to be played in 15 seconds or less. As the developers describe it:

“All-access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hyper cosmic void of micro design. That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retina.”

The visuals are truly a DMT-like experience that will challenge all your preconceived notions of what a game should be. I don’t want to describe too much about the game, because what makes it so special is not knowing what will happen next.

What I will say is that the soundtrack slaps. You’ll find some of MF DOOM’s instrumentals as well as a variety of vaporwave artists coming together to create that true throwback experience.

The game is currently available for US$1, however if you’re feeling generous, there is an option to pay more. Download it here.

Post Void 

When the creator of cult classic title Hotline Miami calls a game “Fucking cool and surreal”, you know things are about to get weird.

Post Void is styled like a mid-’90s FPS. The gameplay is quick, fluid, and uber-violent. You’ll be running around blasting and slashing pissed-off mutants and shady, armed men in black suits.

The art style for this game can’t get enough praise. The colour palette is loud, and there is so much going happening on the screen it will take a while for your eyes to adjust. The blending of the 2D style into a 3D format not only creates some trippy visuals, but adds a nostalgic element reminiscent of the original DOOM. This game is like stepping into a time machine and exiting into an arcade filled with skater kids wearing Santa Cruz clothing.

The game is currently available for $4.50 on Steam, which is well worth the price tag. One of the best PC games available outright – get it here.

Super Imposter Bros.

As you can guess from the title, this game blends your classic Super Mario Bros. gameplay into the Among Us universe, all presented within your web browser. This fan-made game is part platformer, part visual novel, and 100% free to play here.

The game runs on an in-built Game Boy emulator and does a great job of recreating that classic childhood experience.

You Are Jeff Bezos

A short text-based adventure game that puts into perspective the real value of Jeff Bezos’ wealth. This game will have you reach for your sickle and march the streets singing Pete Seeger’s classic, Solidarity Forever.

The game is free to play here, no download required.

Image: You Are Jeff Bezos / Kris Ligman

SpongeGlock SquarePants

Ever felt like going on a murderous rampage through Bikini Bottom? Have you fantasised about inserting a clean, 45-caliber hole into a plankton’s cranium? Want to start a drug empire with Mr. Krabs? If you answered yes to those questions then please seek help, or just play this game.

SpongeGlock SquarePants is an gritty retelling of your favourite story under the sea. There is a pretty basic campaign, but what makes this game really special is the ability to freely explore all the nooks and crannies of Bikini Bottom whilst jacked to the tits on ketamine. Also, there’s hilarious rag doll physics.

The game is free to download here.


If you’re after a more tranquil and meaningful play experience, we’ve got you covered too. SmallLife was a collaborative project between Geidai Games and the Tokyo University of Arts. It’s an interactive visual puzzle game inspired by the city of Shenzen, incorporating a story with the goal of teaching players about Chinese culture.

A very enjoyable, relaxing, and free experience. Download it here.

Bean Battles

Call of Duty Warzone is dead. Apex Legends is dying. Fortnite? Never heard of it.

Bean Battles is the next hot Battle Royale PC game. You control a fully customisable bean and launch yourself onto an island with other murderous legumes. Fight to be the last one standing with a large arsenal of weapons and vehicles at your disposal.

Bean Battles is just $1.50 on Steam and also boasts an overwhelmingly positive review score.

DuckSoup Dungeon

DuckSoup Dungeon was spawned out of itch.io’s yearly 7DRL challenge, where indie developers battle head-to-head to see who can make a roguelike PC game in seven days or less.

DuckSoup is a dungeon crawling roguelike that’s hosted within your web browser. It features a progression system and multiple characters to choose from. The game is also surprisingly hard, and its cutesy 16-bit art style will definitely deceive you.

It’s definitely worth a shot, so play DuckSoup Dungeon here.

Image: DuckSoup Dungeon / DuckSoup Games

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do you still shower with your dad? 

SWYDS2015 is chock full of content for a game that is only $1.39. It’s narrative is set in the year 2015, and you will choose from one of three protagonists. The goal of the game is to reach your hero’s respective father as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding all the obstacles the shower room has to offer.

Although seemingly simple, its fast-paced gameplay can put you in a trance-like state, and it’s not unheard of for players to clock over a 1000 hours in this game.

Now get out there and shower with your 8-bit dad.


ALTF4 is a 3D, third person, perma-death runner game. You’ll take control of a very clumsy knight on his mission to clear the obstacles set against him by a mysterious old man.

The game is the embodiment of “thanks, I hate it!” It’s equal parts fun and painful. In fact, during my playthrough I accidentally broke my cheap IKEA desk from slamming my fist against it in anger.

If you like being angry, this could be the game for you! All that for the low price of $2.95. Grab it here.