Rose Haze’s hypnotic LP ‘Maximum Security Prism’ is an explorative body of work

Rose Haze are no strangers to genre-bending sounds.

Rose Haze, which consists of Kate Ramsey on vocals, guitar and synth along with Ruben Valdez Gonzales on lead guitar, have created an incredible concept album full of soulful expression.

Kate writes all the material for the band and said that Maximum Security Prism is a “testament to flying free in the psychedelic prismic rainbow, living in the light, charging on through tough times, working through the aftermath of toxic relationships without seeking revenge, and feeling beautiful, powerful, and worthy without harbouring guilt, especially from a divine feminine perspective.”

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The dream-pop duo haven’t been playing together for too long but soon after forming and Kate’s metamorphic relocation to Oakland, the pair tracked, arranged, and mixed the album from their respective home studios while the pandemic ravaged the world outside.

The very first track immediately gives you a sense that the LP has been sequenced with intention. Kate and Ruben slowly breathe life into their instruments as Charge On starts.

The album really kicks it up a notch with the third track, Prism. The song opens up with your classic 80s drum beat and jumps straight into a fun layered vocal repetition.

Hours stands out with it’s dreamy nature and an arpeggio guitar riff, reminiscent of The Church’s Under The Milky Way.

Kate shows off her multi-instrumental talents and vulnerability with Genuine. The track is stripped right back with a bright piano sound that allows her powerful lyrics to hold the focus.

The rest of the album eases back into a little more energy with an incredibly transformative instrumental track, Let’s Turn. The name says it all with this one as it’s cinematic style feels as though it’s turning the listener around another corner or Kate’s mind to reach the album’s final song, Just A Place.

Rose Haze will bring their sultry and psychedelic sounds to the Rickshaw Stop in San Fransisco on May 5th and the Mellotron Artist Demo at NAMM in Los Angeles on June 4th.

Maximum Security Prism is out May 6th.