Sally and CLMD speak to our brightest memories on their latest single ‘Kids’

Fuzzed-out bass, clapping beats, and neon honesty: Sally and CLMD’s latest single paints your teen years in glimmering pop.

Authenticity is a significant thing these days. The characteristic has become a cornerstone in the way we perceive others, one that can easily be manipulated in the era of social media and reality TV. As intricate as this seems, it does mean that we can easily spot true authenticity when we see it. Enter Sally.

Honesty isn’t just a trait woven through her music, it defines her entire creative output. How many other artists out there will admit their undying love for Dr Phil in their bio? Each of her tracks navigates the many corners of her life like a polaroid image: casting vibrant memories through sweltering textures and faded tones. Her latest collaboration with CLMD, Kids, is certainly no exception.

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Since her break out 2019 single Calculated, the Australia-raised, New Zealand-based singer has been spinning songs that speak to our most vivid memories. Actually, in the case of Kids, vivid may not be the right word, for obvious reasons:

“I didn’t know when I was 17 and smashing back green apple UDL’s in Chris’ mum’s backyard that I would feel the need to tell the world about it years later, but here we are,” the singer writes.

At its core, Kids is a lifetime of memories wrapped into sticky-sweet pop and brought to life in Olso, alongside the talents of CLMD and Skinny Days. It’s music that feels so familiar, even if it’s your first time hearing it. Hell, it’s so honest that she even name drops the friend who hosted all these loose nights, repeatedly. From the beginning of the track’s punchy bassline and synth-laden melody, the single boasts the distinctive feeling of freedom that comes with your teen years. Every note transports you back to a glowing summer’s afternoon, baked in sunlight and hope.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is I spent so long trying to make shit look perfect and sound perfect and now I just want to be myself,” Sally explains. “I’m just a regular girl who was born with too many feelings and if I didn’t write songs like these then I’d probably be institutionalised.”

Glimmering and utterly captivating, this single just proves that Sally is one to watch out for.

Check out Kids below: