A California resident tested positive for the plague, and who’s even surprised at this point

A Californian has been diagnosed with the plague, making them the first person in the state to contract the disease in over five years.

It has been reported that a resident from South Lake Tahoe, California has been diagnosed with a cheeky case of the bubonic plague. An official statement from El Dorado County health officials has suggested that the individual may have contracted the bacterial disease from a flea bite whilst walking their dog along the Truckee River. 

This marks the first time in five years that a human case of the disease has been detected in California (there was a case in Colorado in July) but never fear, it has been reported that the infected person is recovering at home with the help of medical staff.

“The Plague is naturally present in many parts of California, including higher elevation areas of El Dorado County,” described Dr Nancy Williams, the Public Health officer of El Dorado County.

“It’s important that individuals take precautions for themselves and their pets when outdoors, especially while walking, hiking and/or camping in areas where wild rodents are present. Human cases of plague are extremely rare but can be very serious.”

It may come as a surprise for some to learn that the plague is in fact still around today. Of course not to the degree that triggered the popular ol’ “Black Death” pandemic back in the fourteenth century, but cases still pop up here and there from time to time. However, the last case of the plague in Australia was in Brisbane back in 1922. And you can breathe a sigh of relief because experts know how to treat the disease now.

Use insect repellent, treat your pets for fleas, and don’t go handling or eating any dead decaying animals…Otherwise, a quick round of antibiotics and you’ll be right!