Saving Sydney’s nightlife: a revolutionary new plan

It is no secret that over recent years the fun police have honed in on Sydney, causing the city’s nightlife to struggle, with some questioning whether it may come to an end altogether.

But next Monday, the City of Sydney will be proposing some of the city’s biggest revamps in over a decade. Will it be enough to save Sydney’s nightlife?

A 24-hour city centre and more performance venues are some of the proposals included in a groundbreaking new plan aiming to add a much-needed boost to Sydney’s nightlife.

What is most exciting about the plan is that, if it is approved, it will allow Sydney businesses to apply for new trading hours immediately.

Other aspects of the new proposal will include:

– The ability for 24-hour trading across the entire city centre
– Shops, businesses and low-impact food and drink venues on major high streets will be able to trade until 2 am
– The introduction of new late-night trading areas in some of the city’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods, such as Green Square and Barangaroo
– A brand new cultural precinct in an industrial part of Alexandria
– The ability for venues holding live performances and creative events in late-night trading areas to trade for at least an extra hour

About the proposal, Lord Mayor Clover Moore stated: “Our late-night trading development control plan is the result of an unprecedented call from the community for practical action to help boost Sydney’s nightlife and economy.”

“Last year, we held our first review in over a decade of the planning controls that determine where and when night-time activity can take place in Sydney. More than 10,000 people told us they want Sydney to have a diverse and exciting night-time economy with events and activities for people of all ages and interests. What they don’t want is a city that is unsafe or that shuts down as soon as the sun goes down.

“The changes we proposed in response to this feedback strike a balance between supporting well-managed venues to continue to trade and thrive, and managing any impacts they may have on local neighbourhoods. They also respond to the very strong demand for a vibrant, late-night city, and set the foundations for Sydney to become one of the world’s best 24-hour cities.”

If these changes are approved by the council, they will take effect next month. These are some incredibly promising proposals which if passed will certainly feed Sydney’s hungry nightlife supporting local businesses and musicians alike.