Scatterback welcome you to the brutal ‘Fun(k) House’ on their new single

On their latest single, Scatterback groove their way onto the dancefloor and then blow the roof off.

We’ve been fans of Scatterback for quite a while now, so trust us when we say that they’ve truly outdone themselves this time. Where their debut track One Way World combined heavy rock with a dash of funk, Fun(k) House cranks up the bass and lets the amp bleed.

The single is genre-fluid sonic experimentation that makes you want to boogie and thrash at the same time. Funk, if it was soaked in blood, sweat, and tears.


From the track’s opening with that utterly addictive riff, the Perth trio slowly build their revolving dancefloor of angst through a groove-laden bass line, acidic hooks, and explosive vocals. What audiences are left with is a waxy pillar of sonic, both devoid of and brimming with genre, that drips with intensity and atmosphere.

It’s the most conflicting blend of funk and heavy rock imaginable, but that’s exactly what the band wanted. Sonically, Scatterback usher you into a blood-stained fun house, where the ghosts of funk have been left to haunt freely. The single is a collage of grit, where the soul-soaked music of James Brown and Marvin Gaye has been dragged through the gravel and smashed into metal.


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Our new single, Fun(k) House is up on all streaming services! Thank you Troy Nababan for mixing the tune, we had a very fun time at your studio, Hammerspace Recording. Long live the funk 🔥 Spotify link in our bio ❤

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“A powerful musical cocktail of hard rock with a funk twist on the side,” the band’s bio reads. “Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the band’s mission is to create an atmosphere of excitement for their fans by serving up a mix of catchy riffs, sweet and mesmerising bass lines and a beat to move your body and soul.”

Fun(k) House is completely addictive from start to finish, providing enough detail and punch to fill any stadium.

Dive into the track below: