Scoot The Loot serve up surf-rock gold on their latest single ‘Nosebleed’

There’s something so compelling about surf-rock. Larger than life choruses, a sun-soaked aesthetic, and quintessential hooks all combine to create the perfect sonic; one that’s both nourishing and vibrant at the same time. In their latest single, Scoot The Loot offer up the latest addition to a genre born on the beaches of ’60s South California.

Nosebleed explodes with surf-rock charisma but is also grounded by its indie and garage-rock undertones. In the space of a single, the Northern Beaches four-piece conjure images of a summer’s afternoon, enrich genre, and serve up riffs that will make your heart melt. It’s a track to cast away your worries in the most stressful times.

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Surf-rock has risen to new heights, thanks to Scoot The Loot’s latest single. Incorporating the best parts of garage, alt, and indie-rock, the Northern Beaches crew spin an everlasting summer among unchained hooks.

Opening with a shimmering guitar line and a gradual crescendo of bass and drum, it doesn’t take long before the track explodes into a kaleidoscope of infectious melody. Nosebleed feels weathered, worn, and nostalgic in a way. There’s an undeniable feeling of comfort that comes from just listening to a moment of the track, suited perfectly to the anxiety of our current situation.

Yet, that’s certainly not to say that the band haven’t chartered fresh territory with their sonic. Nosebleed has too much grit for surf-rock, too much soul for garage, and is far too earthy for indie. It’s the most immaculate medium you can imagine. Sprinkle on some Northern Beaches energy and you’ve got Scoot The Loot’s latest release; sweltering, musing, and utterly formidable.


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‘Nosebleed’ is steamin onto all platforms TOMORROW! 🚨🎉 One more sleep 😳🥺

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“‘Nosebleed’ is one of the very first songs we wrote together in our garage and we have been ending our live set with it for a long time,” the band writes. “This one holds a lot of good memories from our early days still at school and we can’t wait to release it to the world.”

With their stellar 2019 debut Racket already in the bag, it looks like there’s a lot to look out for from the Northern Beaches locals.

Give Nosebleed a listen below: