ScoMo criticised for saying he is “blessed” to have non-disabled kids

ScoMo criticised for saying he is “blessed” to have non-disabled kids

Last night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the opposition leader went head to head at the People’s Forum.

Three labor ministers and countless members of the public have slammed Scotty for his thoughtless choice of words while discussing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

A woman in the crowd, Catherine, who is the mother to a four-year-old son with autism asked the PM what the future of NDIS looks like under his government.

“We are grateful to receive funds through the NDIS but have heard many stories of people having their funds cut recently under the current government, including our own,” Catherine said.

“I have been told to give my son the best future, I should vote Labor.

“Can you please tell me what the future of the NDIS looks like under your government?”

Scott Morrison responded by saying: “Jenny and I have been blessed,”

“We’ve got two children that haven’t had to go through that.

“And so for parents with children who are disabled, I can only try to understand your aspiration for your children.”

It wasn’t long before Labor ministers jumped on the PMs and other Aussies jumped to Twitter to air their grievances over Scotty’s choice of words.