Seabass drop the catchy, powerful, and gutsy ‘Always Kidding’ EP

The Always Kidding EP from four-piece Seabass is the whole package: dynamic production, emotive performances, and sticky melodies.

Fuck, Seabass has so much going for them. Their greatness stems from the gutsy pop sensibilities of Middle Kids, the silky vocals of The Preatures, and the drive of Ali Barter.

The result of this blend is an on-trend batch of indie-rock songs that rattle your bones on the very first listen. Seven of these driving bangers make up their debut EP Always Kidding“the culmination of 5 years of songwriting” from frontwoman Annie Siegmann. Let’s dive in.


Annie has been perfecting her songwriting for years, yet Seabass only began in 2019. Somehow, their production has the consistency of a band far older, and their instrumentation sounds as tight as a Tame Impala snare. “I’m just happy that my friends want to play music with me,Siegmann comments. “And they happen to be some of the biggest, badass motherfuckers in the world.” She’s not wrong. Let’s explore the powerful offerings from Always Kidding. 

The vintage sting of the lead guitar caught me off guard on opener Burn. It’s sunny chords and honest introspection makes for a compelling listen. Siegmann reveals her huge range right before the hook, and it’s a glorious moment: “How can you sit there and watch it all buuuurnn!!”


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Highlight track Right Fit is earworm bliss with that I to II chord chug and steady tom/snare work. With its stunning colour chords, drunk-in-love lyrics: “you’re the only one I wanna give my heart to,” and dramatic drum fills to break up the sections, it’s a track that showcases some of Seabass’s best elements.

The title track Always Kidding manages to pull off some high-gain, bending rock guitars while still sounding incredibly commercial. There are some warm backing vocals in the chorus as well, which prove Seabass can keep it chill as well as rocky. Versatile indeed. Then, there’s belter Fucked It Up, which we imagine is a surefire live-show staple. There’s an irresistible call and response in the chorus too, which I couldn’t help mouthing along to. What I Need boasts a slick bassline and some chorus-tone strumming. This harmony-drenched, slow-tempo track is definitely for indie kids.

Closer Wolves II clocks in at over five minutes. Gotta go out with a bang, right? There’s a bit of everything in this one; soft-intimacy, to grainy rock, to huge vocals.

Listen to the impressive debut EP Always Kidding below: