Melbourne prog-rock group SENTIA make their mark on Bruisin’

Since forming back in 2011, Melbourne outfit SENTIA have crafted a unique sound for themselves in the realm of progressive rock.

The tunes they’re putting out right now don’t quite fit into any particular genre – yet somehow, they all possess a feeling of familiarity.

Simultaneously raw and electronic; Melbourne outfit SENTIA’s new track Bruisin’ is an absolute kick to the guts. Such a thing never felt so good.

Made up of vocalist Amos Phillips, guitarist and keyboard player Jason King, guitarist Pete Kyvelos, bassist Daniel King, and drummer Chris Bodin, SENTIA meld the blistering guitar work of prog-rock with cinematic synths to create something that feels both dark and absolutely epic.

The band’s most recent video Bruisin’ sees the band flail through neon coloured and dystopian scenery to deliver a track that will stick with you for weeks.

Since its release last month, we’ve had this thing on repeat. It’s simultaneously raw and electronic – a blend few bands can pull off with this much confidence.

Written about a particularly despicable character,” the new track sees the band sharpen their sound to belt out something scathing and vitriolic. It’s incredible.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.