SENTIA fight irresistible urges in new music video for ‘Make You’

Melbourne band SENTIA pair cinematic storytelling with velvety funk in new video for Make You

SENTIA have debuted the new music video for their latest single, Make You.

Taking cues from the horror films of yesteryear, the clip splices together scenes from a variety of vintage flicks including The Vampire Bat and Lady Frankenstein, and digitally replaces the protagonist of each film with SENTIA vocalist Amos Phillips. 

SENTIA single 'Make You'

Directed by Jesse O’Brien, the video pays homage to old school cinematic stylings, with Amos’ expressive performance reminiscent of a Hitchcockian hero.

While there’s plenty of details for film buffs to obsess over — from the mad scientist archetype to a Tarantino-like final shootout — SENTIA make the video their own with a throughline that connects all these pastiche references. 

SENTIA single 'Make You'

Amos — who was edited into the films without the use of AI by guitarist Jason King — begins the story with a meet cute interaction with his neighbour, before being subject to a science experiment that transforms him into a werewolf.

It’s the kind of storytelling that is too often lost in today’s music visuals, and SENTIA commit to the bit with the flair of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller.   

The inspiration behind the clip arose when Make You producer Forrester Savell incorrectly interpreted the track as the tale of a werewolf. It isn’t too far of a leap, as Amos sings in enthralling vocals of bright full moons and an irresistible “gift inside me.”

Like any great art, however, the meaning is subject to interpretation, and SENTIA themselves describe the track as an anthem “about taking a red hot chance.” 

The band soundtracks this message with a funk-rock cut, complete with the velvety guitar work of King and fellow SENTIA guitarist Pete Kyvelos.

For his part, bandmate Dan King offers a groovy bassline that affords Make You a seductive quality, with Chris Bodin delivering a grittier edge on the drums. 


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“Make You gyrates its way through the cool night air with hot blood and a sly wink,” SENTIA said of the track in a press statement, aptly describing what is a sensual and thrashing banger in equal measure.

Make You marks SENTIA’s latest in a string of recent singles, with the Melbourne band sharing The Fire (Unlit) and Ardent Soul earlier this year. 

Transform into a werewolf with SENTIA’s new music video above, and scroll down to listen to their new single Make You.