Shaky Handz – Sick Later

Last night (early this morning, realistically) I was on eBay looking at musical equipment and after like two hours of mindlessly browsing gumtree and hunting down a teardrop of some sort, I found myself looking at harmonica microphones. I don’t play harmonica, and from what I can remember, I wanted to start a band with super fluffed out distorted vocals. After listening to Shaky Handz latest EP Sick Later, I’ve got a feeling that we should have a chat about vocal gear.

Shaky Handz - Sick Later

Have you got Shaky Handz? I don’t know where I’m going with this gag. They’re a lo-fi punk band from Sydney. That is all.

The EP is a no-holds-barred assault on common fidelity decency, in the style of that whole Dune Rats/Wax Witches/Teen Suicide upside-down cross on a denim jacket scene. This is the fourth time since writing the first paragraph that I’ve hit play on the EP simply because the four tracks amount in total to about seven minutes in length.

Oh sorry, was I supposed to be all fake enthusiastic about this dude and say I’ve got it on repeat simply because it’s so good? Fuck it man, I’m just filling a quota here.

In fact, the only reason I’m listening to Sick Later is because I’m gonna head to The Lansdowne after I get out of this freezing cold office and get super drunk0 to the Shaky Handz live show. I’m not sorry that I’m listening to it right now, and it’s not entirely unpleasant, but I’ve got the feeling that this is gonna be one of those shows that is either gonna be the worst thing ever or the best thing ever, and only some of that is gonna be determined by how much I drink. I’m also 90% sure that I’m gonna be sick later.

What else is there to write about fun loving punk music? I guess I go all arts student on it. *ahem* With this entire lo-fi punk scene, and especially with Shaky Handz, you’re never sure whether the pursuit of sound is serious – the intentions of the author are clouded. You know for sure that they’re having fun, but I’m sure every band has fun when they write and perform music – even the most miserable band in the western world look like they’re having an amazing time when they’re on stage. Can there still be artistic worth in creating something made for fun? Is there a cultural cultivation to yelling into a Macbook and putting it on Soundcloud?

This reporter isn’t sure yet, but will definitely find out tonight, and by Monday will be able to report back. Unless I call in sick.



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