Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Sheep, Dog & Wolf is only 19 but already so cool. The vid for his track Glare was shot in the harsh Australian outback at dawn, and its seriously beautiful.

Who is Sheep, Dog & Wolf? From what the music suggests, maybe a band of about four or five? I mean, there’s got to be a few people to play those random folky instruments and come up with those complex drum rhythms. Right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. Sheep, Dog & Wolf is… one dude. Just one.

The immensely talented Daniel McBride writes, plays, records and produces all his stuff in his bedroom. I’m a bit scared to find out how old he is at the risk of coming to the realisation that all I have managed to do with my life is eat a pack of Doritos*. This guy got the better end of the deal from the music gods. And it’s not like I’m just saying he’s the shit just for the sake of it. He’s certified legit. Too legit to quit. Last year he won the Critic’s Choice category in the New Zealand Music Awards 2013. Other contenders in the awards show in the past include The Naked and Famous and Kimbra. He also trekked a tour all over Europe in the same year. McBride does music and he does it well.

When it comes to the brass tacks, think Fleet Foxes and The Dodos. Intricate guitar riffs, choirboy folklore harmonies, elaborate beats and rhythms. Rhythm really sticks out to me in his music and is such a complex element that Sheep, Dog & Wolf explore really well. It’s clearly well thought out in all instrumentation and flows, pulls, pushes in such a way that just works.

He must have been an exhibitionist in another life, cos he seems to have reoccurring videos where he’s neked. Including a stunningly filmed video clip for his song Glare (JUST WATCH IT ABOVE) by our new fav kids THUNDERLIPS, which was filmed in the harsh Australian desert over 10 days. Theres another video of him getting drenched in paint for Egospect if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out his whole debut album, Egospect, and bask in the musical glory.

*He’s 19.



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