Shining Bird release sprawling, 12-minute new single 'Deadlands'

Shining Bird release sprawling, 12-minute new single ‘Deadlands’

Australian experimental band Shining Bird create stunning sonic landscapes that consume every listener. Influenced deeply by the Australian wilds, each of their tracks are meticulously crafted pieces of art which never fail to strike an emotional chord.   

Ahead of their third album and their first in four years, Shining Bird have released title track Deadlands, a sprawling 12-minute composition which seamlessly echoes the profound world events 2020 has yielded us. 

shining Bird deadlands single

Shining Bird have released Deadlands from their upcoming album of the same name, a track which oozes atmosphere and some immense musicianship from the Wollongong band. 

Experimentation has always been at the forefront of Shining Bird’s philosophy, and Deadlands hints at the sonic explorations the band have made while creating their new album. Where most usually know the band for their broody vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave, this track is totally devoid of any voice. 

In many ways, 2020 has left us lost for words, and Deadlands has encapsulated this feeling purposefully. Reflecting on the creative process of the track, the band stated: 

“To counteract the inability of live performances for our fans, we thought a studio retreat would be most appropriate in this ‘age of the pandemic’. Post-bushfire crisis left us all with a bitter taste in the mouth as we witnessed the environmental destruction and those close to us lose everything.”

“From a feeling of helpless frustration, attention quickly then turned to COVID. This instrumental performance was born from an improvisational bed we’ve performed for years.”

The lack of vocals has allowed the band to showcase a previously lesser heard, jazzy side too Shining Bird, using the whole 12-minute stretch as a playground for both experimentation and improvisation. The band have also released a filmed studio performance of the track, bringing their chemistry to life visually.

Recorded live by The Pinheads’ Jez Player in his infamous Pinshed and filmed by Will Robertson, the clip captures a sense of darkness and uncertainty that pulls you in, gluing your eyes to the screen for the track’s entire duration. 

Deadlands the album is set to come your way later in 2020, with no concrete date announced as yet. In other excellent Bird news, they’ll be joining a massive lineup of homegrown talent at Yours and Owls Festival going down in January 2021.


Deadlands is out now via Spunk Records. Listen to it here.