Shit Tinnies run us through each track of their live setlist

The three boys from Shit Tinnies took a seat one brisk June evening after their rehearsal and penned a few words about the songs they chose to play on their February tour to Queensland.

With a blistering new EP fresh under their belt, the lads from Shit Tinnies share a run-down of each song from their live show.


JAM: You’ve got no money, you’ve got no beer, and it’s a long way ’til payday.

DANGER: We decided it would be cool to have an instrumental opener to get everyone in the mood, so we chopped this sucker down like a tree in the forest.

STEFAN: This one has my favourite bassline, so I try to play it to my best ability.


JAM: I wrote the lyrics for this one while backpacking around Germany, staying in hostels, and planning absolutely nothing.

DANGER: Who doesn’t have the pedal down at any given time – mines always going through the floorboards, don’t forget your passport, keys, wallet and phone.

STEFAN: It’s usually our set closer, but it’s cool to start with too!

Night Is Young

JAM: It’s all about hitting that point of no return, and still making it through.

DANGER: A nice little ska/punk vibe to this one, gets me ready for playing all the fast shit after.

STEFAN: If my heart doesn’t cramp up by the end of this song, my left hand does cause we’ve played it too fast.

Point To Prove

JAM: The most non-political song we will ever write.

DANGER: Who doesn’t have a point to prove in these crazy times.

STEFAN: Serious songs with serious riffs!


JAM: Stefan takes centre-stage on this one – playing that bassline and singing all at the same time!

DANGER: Stiffy hated playing this song for some reason haha, it’s like good wine, better with age.

STEFAN: I thought I killed this song a long time ago but it keeps coming back into the set stronger each time.


JAM: Danger’s up on the mic for this one!

DANGER: Needed to step up my game as a drummer/vocalist, so we wrote this little ditty, the only song I sing, so far.

STEFAN: This one jumped into the set rather “Quick” ayy ayy!


JAM: For all the hooligans out there, just trying to find their hooligan girls.

DANGER: Super fast and super fun to play, get your ass up outta that seat.

STEFAN: The one song on our set that people are most likely gonna mosh to, so its always fun to play.


JAM: Channelling our love of ska-punk here.

DANGER: The beat on this one carries you right out to the dance floor, where you can spill some beer on your mates.

STEFAN: When jam does the crane arm action move, you know it’s time to “pick it up, pick it up”


JAM: Ever woken up the morning after a Saturday night, and not wanted to stop?

DANGER: Gonna come rip through your town like a tornado when all this COVID shit is done and we can tour again.

STEFAN: Our “hit” song on the internet, some people like it, save the best for last…

Shit Tinnies’ new EP Point To Prove is out now. Listen above.